Baked Chicken with Vegetables

Ingredients for Cooking Baked Chicken with Vegetables

  1. Actually chicken carcass 1 piece
  2. Onion 1 medium onion
  3. Red onion 2 pcs.
  4. Bay leaf 6 pcs.
  5. Lemon half
  6. Rosemary 2 sprigs
  7. Red bell pepper 1 pc.
  8. Green bell pepper 1 pc.
  9. Garlic 1 head
  10. Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons
  11. Salt to taste
  12. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main Ingredients Chicken
  • Serving 4 servings


Oven, Knives, Vegetable cutting board, Roasting pan, Lubrication brush

Cooking Baked Chicken with Vegetables:

Step 1: prepare the chicken carcass.

Turn on the oven, set the temperature to 200 degrees and let it get warm. Thoroughly wash the chicken carcass under running water. Then, using a knife, peel the onions and cut them into quarters. Put them (quarters) inside the chicken. Add 2-3 bay leaves and half a lemon there. With a brush (brush), grease the chicken 1/3 of the vegetable oil, then rub it with salt and pepper. Place it on the roasting pan with the breast up.

Step 2: prepare the side dish.

We also clear the red onion from the husk and cut it with a knife into half-slices medium in thickness. Cut the pepper, both red and green, in half, remove the core and cut into large strips. Next, clean the head of garlic and cut it in half. You do not need to cut it. We put all of the above on a baking sheet next to the chicken, pour over the remaining vegetable oil, salt and pepper. Do not forget about rosemary. It needs to be disassembled into small twigs and sprinkled with chicken and vegetables.

Step 3: bake the chicken.

We put the roasting pan in the oven, set the temperature to 180 degrees and bake for 60-90 minutes.

Step 4: serve to the table.

Check whether the chicken is ready as follows: pierce the fillet part of the carcass with a knife in the thickest place, if the juice flowing from the puncture is transparent - the chicken is ready. Otherwise, hold it in the oven for a little longer. Put the finished chicken on a tray and serve. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - do not save on finances, choose quality products. This is especially true for chicken carcasses.

- - for lack of fresh rosemary, you can use dry, ground. In this case, it will take about 2 teaspoons.