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Mineral Water Cupcake

Mineral Water Cupcake Ingredients

  1. Wheat flour 600 grams
  2. 4 eggs
  3. Sugar 300 grams
  4. Refined vegetable oil 200 milliliters
  5. Mineral sparkling water 200 milliliters
  6. Vanilla Sugar 1 sachet
  7. 10 gram baking powder
  8. Chocolate black or black chocolate drops 100 grams
  9. Semolina for sprinkling molds
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Flour, Cocoa and Chocolate
  • Serving 8 servings


Sieve, Bowl - 2 pieces, Tablespoon, Glass, Kitchen knife, Coarse grater, Plate, Mixer, Baking dish, Pastry brush, Oven, Kitchen gloves, Toothpick, Wide flat serving dish

Making cake with mineral water:

Step 1: prepare the flour.

We take the flour and sift it through a sieve into a clean bowl so that it is enriched with oxygen from the air and there are no lumps. To prepare our baking, we always take high-quality wheat flour of the highest grade, fine grinding and the brand you have verified.

Step 2: prepare the flour mixture.

In a bowl with sifted flour, add sugar, baking powder for dough and vanilla sugar. Using a tablespoon, mix all the ingredients well until a homogeneous bulk mixture.

Step 3: prepare the eggs.

We wash the eggs under running water. Then, using a knife, break the eggshell over a free bowl and pour the chicken components into this container.

Step 4: prepare the chocolate.

We take a chocolate bar from the packaging and use a coarse grater to rub our ingredient on the chocolate chips in a free plate. Attention: if instead of chocolate chips you add chocolate drops for baking, which can be purchased at any supermarket, then this ingredient does not need to be crushed into chocolate chips. It is enough to add the chocolate droplets to the dough as a whole, since during the baking of the cake they will melt and you will get liquid chocolate inside the baking dish.

Step 5: prepare the dough.

We transfer the flour mixture into the mixer bowl. Then pour egg white and yolk into the same container, pour vegetable oil and mineral water. Attention: It is advisable to pour mineral water from the bottle into the bowl immediately before mixing the dough so that the gas does not come out of the liquid in advance. We turn on the mixer at medium speed and at this speed very carefully mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous, liquid, bubble mass is formed. In the process of kneading the dough, make sure that no lumps form in the flour.

Step 6: prepare a cupcake with mineral water.

We take a baking dish and, using a pastry brush, grease the bottom and sides of the container with vegetable oil, and then sprinkle the mold with semolina. After that, immediately before baking the cake, add grated chocolate or chocolate droplets to the dough and mix everything well until smooth. I usually use the second component, since I don’t have to bother with it, and inside the baking dish after cooking a lot of melted chocolate comes across. After that, pour the batter from the mixer bowl into the mold. Using a tablespoon, evenly spread the test ingredient over the entire surface so that the dough is baked evenly from all sides and has a beautiful appearance. Preheat oven to temperature 180 ° C and with the help of kitchen gloves we put the form with the dough in the oven. Bake a cupcake for 40 minutes in the set temperature mode. To check the readiness of baking, just pierce it with a toothpick. If it stays dry, then our cake is ready and you can get it out of the oven. We turn off the oven and with the help of kitchen gloves we get the form with our cupcake. When the baking has cooled to room temperature, we take it out of the form and transfer it to a wide dish.

Step 7: serve the cupcake with mineral water.

Using a kitchen knife, cut a cupcake into portioned pieces and serve it to the dessert table. The cupcake is airy and tender. And if you look inside the cut piece, you can see the melted chocolate. We serve all this beauty to the table with a cup of aromatic tea or coffee. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Chocolate is added to the cupcake as desired. In addition to dark chocolate, you can add milk.

- - In addition to vanilla sugar, you can put almond extract, cinnamon or other spices you like for baking in the dough.

- - In addition to chocolate, you can add chopped walnut, raisins, or fresh or canned assorted fruits: cherries, pineapple slices, pieces of apples or pears to the cupcake.

- - At your request, you can sprinkle the finished cupcake with powdered sugar, or decorate with fresh or canned berries of raspberries, strawberries or fresh cherries. On top of powdered sugar, you can also sprinkle almond chips or walnuts, which will first need to be fried and chopped.