Dried Pears

Ingredients for Making Dried Pears

  1. Fresh pears 4 kilograms
  2. Purified water 3 liters
  3. Sugar to taste
  • Main Ingredients Pear
  • Serving 1 serving


Cutting board, Knife, Deep bowl, Oven, Baking tray, Tablespoon, Large pan, Fork, Skimmer, Kitchen paper towels or fabric towels, Glass liter jar, Can lid

Cooking Dried Pears:

Step 1: prepare the pears.

First you need decide on pear variety! It is important to use pear fruit for drying, which is stored for no more than two days. It is better to choose varieties with dense pulp. And it happens that hardened areas like pebbles come across in such pears. The ingredient should be very ripe and sweet. Such varieties as Forest Beauty, Victoria, Ilyinka, Klappa’s Favorite are perfect for drying. So, first of all, wash each pear well under running water and put it in a deep bowl. The ingredient must be cleaned with a knife from the peel and core. To do this, on weight, holding with your hand, cut a thin layer of the peel with a knife, then cut the fruit into two halves and remove the seeds in a circular motion. In the meantime, put a large pot of purified water on a large fire and add sugar to taste, occasionally stirring with a tablespoon to completely dissolve. In order for our pears to dry faster and be sweeter, they need to be boiled for some time in boiling water. Due to this, we can win a lot of time! When the water boils, make a medium heat and carefully spread the main component into the container with our hands. You can boil pears in parts up to 15 minutes until they become soft. Check the degree of readiness with a fork. As soon as they are ready for further processing, we immediately remove them with a slotted spoon and transfer them to a deep bowl. You can not drain the water, it is perfect for fruit compote or jelly, because the pear is so aromatic. We lay out the ingredient on paper kitchen or cloth towels so that it cools down and excess moisture is removed from it. And now on a cutting board with a knife we ​​cut the fruits into small pieces. There are several options for shaping pears. You can cut them simply into chaotic pieces. You can also grind the ingredient across the fruit into small half-rings or along, thick no more than 5-7 millimeters. And relatively small pears can generally be left unchanged, though they will dry much longer than pear slices. In general - this is according to your desire - as you like more and how much free time you have in your reserve.

Step 2: Dry the pears.

So, in the kitchen you can hear the pleasant sweet aroma of pears and everything is ready for further cooking. Therefore, put the pears on a baking sheet in one layer and turn on the oven. We put in the oven a baking dish with our ingredient and dry it at a temperature no more than 55-60 ° Cso that the pieces of pears do not crack and no bubbles appear on them. Cooking them in this mode about 2 hours. After - increase the temperature in the oven up to 80 ° C and continue to dry until, when pressed with a wooden spatula on the pear slices, juice will not stand out from them. It may take about 8-12 hours. Therefore, be sure to mix the pears with a spatula every two hours. In the drying process, such a fruit will lose more than 70% moisture, therefore, from the amount - 4 kilograms, we get only 1 kilogram of dried pears. Another feature of the product’s readiness is that when pressed on it, it is very soft, but at the same time it becomes very elastic! Attention: if you see that the pears begin to darken ahead of time in the oven, make fire again 55-60 ° C and dry the ingredient at that temperature, stirring it occasionally. After the allotted time for preparing such a fruit, turn off the fire and remove the pan from the oven so that the pear slices cool to room temperature. They can be left in this condition for another two days in some quiet, dry place, so that they finally dried out. And only after that we transfer the dried pears into a clean dry jar and tightly close the lid so that moisture does not enter into it. The drying of pears is complete!

Step 3: serve the dried pears.

The most interesting thing is that such an affordable and tasty fruit in ancient times saved people from various diseases due to its properties! Pear helps the heart and muscles to work well, especially after physical exertion. And if you attach a piece of fresh pear to the surface of the skin, it can relieve allergic inflammation. Simply put - it's a miracle fruit! Therefore, it can be served to the table in its natural form. For example, instead of sweets, children can be given a piece of dried pear to chew. The uzvari made from such an ingredient for holidays such as Christmas or Easter is very tasty. A dried apple, and even prunes, are perfect for such a compote. It is especially useful to eat dried fruits in the cold season, as they give the body an additional supply of vitamins and nutrients! Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - So that the pear does not darken during the drying process, it can be dipped in a solution with citric acid. To do this, after processing in boiling water, we transfer the pear slices into a container with a previously prepared solution. For 1 liter of purified water, we need 5-10 grams of citric acid. To do this, mix the water with a tablespoon until the acid is completely dissolved in it and only then place the pears in the container. Hold the fruit for 10-20 minutes. After we shift the slotted spoon to the prepared surface so that the liquid from the glass ingredient.

- - You can dry the pears in the old grandmother's way. To do this, we need a calm, quiet place in the sun right on the street. Great for this is a cottage or a private courtyard with a garden. Everything is very simple! Immediately after we cut the ingredient into smaller pieces, put them on a baking sheet or large flat sieve and place directly under the sun for the whole day. And only at night we bring the pears into the room, covering them with plastic wrap or bag. We do such actions for 2-3 days and in the fourth we rearrange the baking sheet with slices of pears in the shade on the street and finish it for another 2-3 days. Just do not forget to bring pears into the room all the same at night.

- - You can soften pears before drying in another way! Rinse the ingredient well under running water and cut it into small pieces. Then gently spread the slices in boiling water and cook them for 5-7 minutes.