What’s the Deal With Banana Sushi?

This is the perfect snack to satisfy that salty and sweet craving

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a month, you’ve heard the words “banana sushi” creep in and out of the foodie world without so much as an explanation. Although I approached this concept with a slightly raised brow at first, the idea of a sweet, savory, and possibly even cinnamony bite all rolled up into a sushi-sized nugget became more and more appealing.

After scouring the internet for some banana sushi inspiration, I was thrilled to find just how diverse these little snacks can be, and concocted my own version of the treat. I decided to make a hybrid version of a healthy snack and dessert packed with nutrients and flavor. I started out my banana sushi mission at the bread section of my local grocery store — I wanted to make my sushi encased in a thin pancake-like wrapping filled with Nutella, banana, and peanut butter. I figured go big or go home — so I ended up trying out this recipe using both a regular sandwich wrap and ready-made pancakes (which I rolled very thinly) as the “seaweed.” I liked the version with the pancakes more as it held the other ingredients inside better once I cut the sushi, and didn’t fall apart.

These babies taste incredible with hazelnut butter or fresh berries, and you can even make your own pancakes if you’re feeling really adventurous. Either way, have fun with them — they are sure to satisfy and are easy enough for kids to make too.